Nude Descending


Nude Descending a Staircase (Duchamp)

So it’s this
Summer night, a
Hot hot summer night.
It is so
Awful hot I
Can’t get any rest.
Too hot for
Wearing clothes or
Turning on a light.
So then, with
Something cold, with
Ice I get obsessed.
So I get
Out of bed, I’m
Naked but still hot.
I’m thinking
Somethings cold, some
Ice from the ice box. I’m dragging
Through this furnace
Seeking a cool spot. From downstairs
I can hear the
Ticking of the clocks.
Bannister in hand,
I start to take the stairs.
Suddenly, I feel I’m in a spell,
Almost like my legs are moving unawares.
My arms are disassociative, as well.
I’m going
Leg leg leg leg
Arm arm arm arm hand
And I descend the staircase
Sort of in a rush.
And here’s the
Part you have to
Try to understand:
Marcel Du- champ` is at the
Bottom with a brush!
So I go Marcel, Marcel,
Is that is that you? And I say
Told you told you
Once once told you twice.
And I go Cubism – it
Maymay bebe whatwhat youyou do,
And I say
Back off, mac,
I Just want cubes of ice.
Duchamp, I Just want cubes of
Just want cubes of ice.

©2012 Ajemian and Necomb


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